Mayra (dreamscene17) wrote in wongkarwai,

My Blueberry Nights Review

I haven't posted much here, but I did write a review about the film last Thursday for my school newspaper, which, if anyone is interested, read here.

I gotta say though, for all the enthusiasm and hype behind the film, my expectations weren't met.

It looked gorgeous, thanks to the photography, lighting and actors, who amounted to a lot of eye candy, but in the end, it was just a glossy, superficial production with more plot than previous WKW films that doesn't quite help it much. I caught some of the recreations from In the Mood for Love (music) and 2046 (a shot of the back of a woman in high heels walking) and while geeks like me might have caught the references, it did little to help the film as a cohesive whole. The acting wasn't very convincing either, as some of it is clearly out of the WKW realm -- overdone (or in some cases, underdone) acting and some unconceivable scenarios.

While he attempts to make this a road movie to portray an Americana theme, it's hard to see his vision when there are other distracting forces that don't let you see it.

Feel free to disagree with me, but that was what I saw when looking at it.
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